The 5 Must-have Home Improvement Tools for Your toolbox

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To be a successful handyman and save money doing small DIY projects at home yourself, you need access to some basic home improvement tools. Your personal toolbox cannot do without some important tools that can solve multiple problems and fix many issues around your house. Here is a list of the top five tools you must carry in your toolbox – everything else is a nice to have.

A hammer is one of the must-have home improvement tools for every handyman. You can buy them in different shapes and sizes, but the most common one used around the house is a claw hammer. Using the hammer end, you can pound nails into any surface (wood, concrete or cardboard) and using the claw end, you can easily remove nails from any surface. Think about a DIY construction project around the house that may not require a hammer – it’s hard to find one. Some other types of hammers that are useful are ball-peen hammers and sledgehammers, but these are required for intricate jobs. If you own a claw hammer, you are covered for most of your home improvement jobs.

A Philips head screwdriver is another tool that is affordable to have. Comprising a tip resembling a plus sign, a Philips head screwdriver is most widely used for prying lids off cans, opening tight compartments or completing a number of other jobs. An added companion can be a good set of screws of different sizes, so what you own is a complete set of a high-quality screwdriver and screws. If you like to spend more on quality, you can buy an electric screwdriver so manual work is less when you use it.

Who does not think about a drill machine in their toolbox? Drilling a hole is very common for all kinds of jobs and having a good power drill can come in very handy. You can get a power drill either with a battery or power cords. The one with battery is easy as you can carry it with you anywhere without worrying too much about a power plug in your vicinity. By spinning the drill bit, you can bore a hole into any surface – a metal sheet, a wooden frame or a concrete wall.

Whether you need to buy paint for a wall, buy new furniture or simply put a TV wall bracket, you need a measuring tape for correct measurements. It is perhaps the most multi-functional tool you will find in your toolbox that is needed for the smallest to the biggest job related to home improvement.

Another one of the most resourceful home improvement tools that helps in correct measurements is a level. Using a level, you can judge whether the surface you will be working on is levelled or plumb. Very easy to use with their coloured liquid and an air bubble in a central display unit, a level helps you make correct marking on the surface before you cut, screw or drill something. If you into fancy tools, you can buy a laser level too.

Building a toolbox is a sound investment and you should buy top-quality tools that will last longer and give you the desired results for improving your home. If you have the above five home improvement tools, you are at least covered with the basics before you expand your tools list based on your requirement.